Freelance Fortune: Write Like a Pro, Get Paid Like a Pro

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Freelance Fortune: Write Like a Pro, Get Paid Like a Pro

Jon Finkel
3 ratings

Freelance Fortune is a proven, easy-to-follow blueprint any writer can use to turn confusion about pitching & writing into confidence. 

This course provides a concise, step-by-step playbook that over and over has helped writers land consistent, paying freelance jobs. 

It worked for me. It worked for the writers I've hired and mentored. It'll work for you.

This is a freelance writing course you can trust by a veteran writer who has written for publications you've actually heard of. 

Even better---> you get inside information from someone who has been an Editor-in-Chief and Publisher and has assigned hundreds of stories to writers (and mentored dozens of others).

You don't have to worry if this course is legit. It's already worked. And if you have any questions along the way, get in touch with me any time.

Why This Course is a Great Buy:

  • You receive the full 90-minute 'Freelance Fortune' video course PLUS the 30-minute '11 Ways to Brand Yourself in Your Niche' video PLUS the two E-Books for those courses (that's TWO HOURS of exclusive video & 2 books)
  • Sign up today and you'll ALSO GET a proven, SAMPLE PITCH TEMPLATE you can use right now, 3 Secrets from Publishing Legend Joe Weider and a PDF on how to read a book every 10 days.
  • It was created by a writer (me) with hundreds of national bylines and books endorsed by Mark Cuban, Spike Lee, Tony Dungy, Kevin Durant & more
  • The strategies in this course landed articles in places like GQ, Men's Health, The New York Times, Men's Journal, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, Success Magazine, Comedy Central and more...
  • It has generated over six-figures in freelance writing work
  • Writers I've mentored with this strategy have gone on to full-time freelance work and/or excellent extra writing income
  • I typically share this information when I give talks at journalism schools or writers conferences and you can now get it in your own house
  • I have been on staff as an editor, EIC and Publisher - these are the true "insider secrets" about what publications are looking for

You Will Learn About These 20 Critical Topics (and more):

  • How to Figure Out What You Should be Writing
  • The Difference Between Writing What You Know and Writing What You Read
  • What a writing talent stack is
  • How to discover where your subject matter expertise lies
  • How to present yourself online including…
  • 5 Tips to Craft Your Online Presence
  • Inside tips on what an editor is thinking when they first meet you via e-mail
  • Foolproof ways to generate ‘sellable ideas’
  • The Three Main Types of Accepted Pitches
  • The secret characteristics of a compelling story idea and pitch
  • How to lay the groundwork for your first pitch to a large publication or your dream publication
  • The Easy-to-Follow Two-Part Strategy to Build Credibility in Any Genre
  • How to Meticulously Prepare Your Pitch
  • The Two ‘Ps’ of Pitching to Know Before Approaching any Publication
  • How to Handle an Accepted Article so You Set up Future Work
  • The 4 Ways to Capitalize on an Accepted Pitch
  • The 4 Most Common Forms of a Rejected Pitch
  • How to Maximize a Rejection and Benefit from It
  • An Explanation of Typical Ways Publications Pay
  • Your Three-Step Plan to Make More Money with Each Publication

Awesome Testimonials, A.K.A., Real-World Proof:

Scott now writes for Success Magazine, Texas Monthly and Bodybuilding.com, among others...



A complete sample pitch that you can use as a template for your own pitches!

Everything you need to send that first great pitch to the editor you've lined up. Your intro, your body copy, how to sign off and even how to follow up. This is the exact template I've used to land countless assignments.


3 Success Secrets from Publishing Legend Joe Weider - PDF

The man behind a $500 million publishing empire that he started in his mom's kitchen on a typewriter taught me a ton about how to be a successful writer, how to stay motivated and how to find an edge in a competitive industry. I share my three favorite secrets here!


6 Keys To Reading a Book Every 10 Days - PDF

I am a firm believer that in order to be a high quality writer, you should be a high quality reader as well... by that I mean you have to be efficient with your reading and you need a plan to read as many books as possible as enjoyably as possible. No gimmicks, no BS hacks like reading while you brush your teeth. Just tried and true methods that work to help you become a better reader and thus, a better writer.


If you do everything in 'Freelance Fortune' and your pitches are still getting rejected, I will personally review and edit a failed pitch with you.

My number one goal with this course is to have you making money as a freelancer as fast as possible. I'm excited for you to get started. Let's get it done.

- Jon


I am Jon Finkel, the award-winning author of 1996: A Biography, Hoops Heist, The Life of Dad, Jocks In Chief, The Athlete, Heart Over Height, “Mean” Joe Greene and more. 

My books have been endorsed by everyone from Mark Cuban and Tony Dungy to Spike Lee, Jerry Jones, Kevin Durant and Chef Robert Irvine. I've written for GQ, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Sports, The New York Times and have appeared on CBS: This Morning, Good Morning Texas, and hundreds of radio shows, podcasts and streams.

If you'd like to visit my website for more information: www.jonfinkel.com
If you'd like to check me out on Twitter or Instagram: @Jon_Finkel 

$205 Value--> ONLY $99 For a Limited Time

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The Exclusive 'Freelance Fortune' Course by GQ, NY Times, Men's Health and Yahoo! Sports writer/author Jon Finkel

Freelance Fortune 90-Minute Video Seminar
Freelance Fortune E-Book / PDF
Easy Pitch Template
3 Success Secrets from Joe Weider PDF
6 Keys To Reading a Book Every 10 Days PDF
$205 Total Real-World Value


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